10 tips for finding cheap car hire

10 tips for finding cheap car hire

10 tips for finding cheap car hire

10 tips for finding cheap car hire

If you are looking to rent a car, you will quickly discover that there are large price

differences in the market. Car rental prices vary depending on which company you

choose, but other factors such as country, location, time, car type and season also play

their part in pricing. Below are 10 tips on how to obtain the cheapest possible car ­

whether you want to rent a car in Norway or abroad.

1.Book your car rental online

It always pays to book a car over the Internet, because you don’t have to pay

administration charges to the hire company. If you are on holiday and go to a local

rental office, you will almost always find that you have to pay a higher price than on

found on­line. In addition, a local company nay not have the most reasonable cars

available and, at worst, you may have to settle for a far more expensive car, with much

higher standard, than you really need.

2.Book your car early

Many people do not realise that it pays to be early when booking your car rental. Most

car hire companies have a graduated price level, in which it gets more expensive the

closer you get to the actual rental date. As mentioned, the selection of affordable cars

may also be wider if you book early.

3.Compare car rental rates

It is advisable to compare car hire prices from the various companies. Then you will be

able to take advantage of the latest and best deals, thus renting a car at the lowest

possible price. However, calling round to check car hire rates from the different

companies can be a time­consuming affair. A good tip is to use a free price comparison

site on the Internet, such as Rentalcars24.co.uk instead. It is possible to save up to 70%

by booking cheap car hire via a web site offering price comparison.

4.It’s more expensive to rent a car at an airport

It’s often more expensive to rent a car from an airport. The reason for this is that the

rental companies must pay a fee to the airport, increasing rental rates. It is therefore

makes much more sense financially to pick up the hire car somewhere else, if this is

practicable. You could, for example, choose to pick up the rental car in the centre of the

city you are visiting. This must of course be weighed against the transportation costs

from the airport to the city centre.

5.Cheaper at weekends

It is usually cheaper to rent a car at the weekend than during the week. This is primarily

due to the corporate market being concentrated on weekdays. The lower demand for

cars at the weekend, helps the rental companies to lower their prices to compensate.

Some rental companies are quite flexible in how they define a weekend so that you can,

for example, also get cheap car hire from Thursday to Saturday or from Saturday to


6.Weekly rental can be favourable

If you plan to rent a car for a period of 4­5 days, you may want to find out how much it

costs to rent a car for a week. Often, it will actually be less expensive. You can’t

automatically take that for granted, but the daily price is normally lower the longer you

rent the car. Weekly rental can, therefore, quite simply pay off.

7.Select the cheapest car type

There are many different types of cars to choose from, and the price level increases

with the standard of the car. So it is make sense to order a small car in the economy

class. Remember that it costs much more to upgrade to a larger car at the local rental

office than to place your order on­line. So it is important to think through in advance

whether you can manage with a small economy car or whether you actually need a

slightly larger model.

8.Avoid one­way rentals

Are you picking up a rental car at one location and dropping it off in another city? Most

car rental companies charge a high fee for this service. In addition, some car hire

companies have only a limited number of cars that can be used for one­way rentals.

9.Remember to fill up with petrol before returning the rental car

When booking a rental car, it is important to read the contract carefully. In many cases,

you are obliged to fill up your petrol tank before returning the car after the rental period

expires. If you forget to, you must pay a relatively high charge to the car rental

company. In some cases the charge can be twice the price of filling up the tank itself.

10.Avoid late fees

It is important to return the hire car at the agreed time. If you come late, you will be

required to pay a penalty. The size of the charge depends on which company you rent

the car from. If you discover during the rental period that you need to return the car later

than agreed, it always pays to contact the company as soon as possible. This can

reduce the late fee.


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