Wild camping in Norway – GPS positions stopovers

Motorhome travel in Norway – Wild camping

Map and GPS positions of rest areas laybys for overnighting in your motorhome in Norway

Wild Camping in a motorhome is not only totally legal but actively encouraged with large laybys set back from the road, allocated parking places in most towns and while some do charge, alternatives can be found a short distance away.

wild camping stopovers Norway

Since ‘Tømmestasjon’ or ‘Dump Stations’ are frequent and very well sign posted ( most petrol stations have them) there should be no need to visit a campsite in order to empty your waste or refill with water. Water is frequently available from fuel stations either in a heated cabin labeled ‘Luft Vann’ (Air / Water) or from a tap near the jet wash garages.

The map is not complete and there can be a few mistakes, but is still a helpful tool when traveling with your motorhome in Norway.

Source:  A big thanks for his impressive work in gathering the GPS positions to  “Odins side




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